Hello, mom of 3 here!

Hi I’m a mom of 3 with some time on my hands to learn something new. I’m a complete newbie, I have no prior experience in trading. I’m sure there will be a learning curb. Just started out on the lessons and it’s a lot to take in, especially once the kids start homeschool. Excited to get started.

Study hard the road ahead is very long and full of highs and lows.

Good Luck


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Thank you!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome. Just to say I can’t imagine how you are finding time for trading - clearly time management is going to be a key element for your success. Maybe you’re going to find trading with pre-set orders off the daily charts the most practical way forward?


With three kids, it is all about time management. lol

good luck, perhaps try end of day trading, that way you can concentrate on daily charts and signals.

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