Hello my fellow traders!

Greetings from Puebla, Mexico.

I am Luis Méndez. I am a musician (pianist). I became interested in learning Forex because of a book about cryptocurrencies; “Criptoeconomía: Cómo el Bitcoin y Blockchain están cambiando al mundo”. I must say that thanks to Bitcoin my financial awareness just came into being. In my novice opinion Forex and Crypto have many similar characteristics, the one that I thinks is the best is decentralization.

As I already mentioned I am a musician and I love playing the Piano. Classical, Jazz, Salsa and Lofi Music are the generes that I love among others. I am currently working on Chopin Etudes, especially etude no. 2. Op10. I highly recommend listening to Chopin Etudes to everyone reading this post, they are pretty, amazing and f… hard jajaja. Just like trading. I have my Bachelors Degree in Music as well as my Master in Music from the University of Texas at Brownsville. However I never learn about financial topics while in school.

My journey into the investment world started back in 2019 and due to my sister. She took me to a conference about entrepreneurship. In that conference Bitcoin was one the hot topic. Unfortunately my first investment experience was a bad one. I was scammed…I loss about $400 USD (about $8 000 MXN in that time). However I soon started to learning about Bitcoin, that is how get to the Book about cryptocurrencies I mentioned before and eventually into Forex. I saw the wonderful things that investment can provide during the Bitcoin Bull Run first to 20K until recently to 64K.

Now I want to expand my understanding in Forex and of course get another source of Income. Money is not happiness, even though I have had great profits with BTC I still have problems, I still have to work on my music craft, I still have to take chores jajaja (I hate doing the dishes because of my hands jajaj) I still have to improve myself. What I want is free time to practice my piano, to teach those who are willing to learn the craft of piano and music, spend time with love ones and not to worry about financial issues.

Well, now you know me a lit of bit.

Thanks for reading

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Hello. with a demo account you can learn many new things.

Hello. All new trader should make a suitable strategy to make money from this market.

Welcome. Great intro, great lifestyle, and IMO, I would suggest you don’t trade FX, as it needs specialist skills to be successful. It’s a speculative venture that requires hours of hard work; there are never any guarantees that you’ll make money, ever.

That’s the reality. Save your money.

Having bitcoin trading knowledge and experience will help you in trading forex too. That’s a plus. You can learn all about forex here and I suggest you give the appropriate amount of time to the learning process. Good luck!