Hello my name is Alex, i'm new here!


So i was actually about to buy a book from amazon when someone in the comments said it was a waste of five bucks when babypips is free so i thought i’d check this out. I’ve dipped my toe into the world of trading but never wanted to trust an education platform that i had to pay for as i thought why would they charge me for something the claim makes them loads of money… It felt as though they were only making money from the courses rather than trading. As this place is free i think i can trust it.

I’m hoping to learn so that i can open a live account with the funds i’ve made from all the BTC hype recently. I’ve sold my position and want to try my hand at trading short-medium term rather than just sitting on a purchase. I’ve only got about 1000 USD which as it’s grown over the last few years it won’t effect me personally if it all goes pear shaped as i’m well aware the majority of people lose money trading them self.

I’m still a little skeptical so any insight and inspiration as i start this new chapter would be hugely appreciated.

Welcome. You’re right to be sceptical - Forex trading is speculative, with no guarantees of success. The only way to improve your chances is NOT TO LOSE MONEY. That means, learn all about controlling risk and money management. If you can do that you’ll stay in the game, while others fall by the wayside.

Best of luck.

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It’s true that there are no guarantees in the forex market. You have to be prepared both ways because you won’t ever know what the market has for you the next second.