Hello, my name is Daniel! but my friends call me Danny!

Hi, Everyone
My name is Daniel
I´m a musician since I was a teenager, have 24 years of experience in the music business, everybody calls me Danny ( Menezes) but now with these tuff times of pandemic that we are crossing in, I decided to give myself another perception of life! I´ve heard about Trading a long time ago, I have a brother in law that did fair money doing that for a couple of years, and I always had some interest in that, so a friend of mine introduces me back to this possibility the wrong way, but I´m still glad that! He shows me a company called IM.academy which promises you the world
in a couple of days in but it doesn´t exist this kind of magic.
They took my money, but I explain that in another post ( It´s a long story)! The only advice that I can give to you is never getting in an MLM, they only want your money it´s a kind of “Scam” really badly!

So, why am I glad even with this situation?
Because I fall in love again with the Forex and the possibilities!

Now I already bought 2 nice books of Candlestick and Day trading mindset, and feel really great with the knowledge that I´m getting in! And in one of these books that points me to this serious community right here! So thank you for existing and thanks to God for sending me this signal.
Now I know I´ll gonna learn something real, and I´m the kind of guy that never gives up!

Best regards,
Novice Trader
Danny Menezes.