Hello my name is Myia

I am from DC but living in Los Angeles, just started learning about Forex this week (Aug8,2022) and I think I’m learning pretty fast. On my demo MT4 I made 200 in fake money. This has become my new obsession. It’s a lot of fun. Would love to connect with other traders old and new. Please shoot me a line. Would love to talk . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there @myialashaun

Good luck with your trading. Demo definitely best way to start your trading journey. I didn’t demo at first cos thought I was special and knew better than everyone else! Led to losing alot of money…

Keep demoing till you can consistently make pretend money, then start with a small live account. There’s no hurry cos the day you become consistently profitable, depending on how much real money you want to stake, you can make alot.

Took me about 6months to both become profitable and recoup my losses, but everyones different - some are much quicker some much slower. The aim is to get into that 5-15% club who make money.


yesss Defienfly Blu. Thanks so much you for replying. Feels good connecting with others and cheering each other on. And I am loving the demos. one i made 864 and one I made 200.


Trading live is a whole new ballgame because you will have emotional responses of fear of losing money, as does every trader on the planet. It’s how you manage that, which could lead to success.

A mindset of thinking in percentages terms regarding risk, money management, and profit & losses, and that will be a start.

Best of luck.

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Thank you. I love your advice

mindset is everything in real life as well trading life. we should focus on there.

Ah, well. The trading mindset is a different paradigm to everyday life. A paradigm shift is a dramatic change in a way of thinking or behaving.

And why many new traders fail to accept they need to change. My above post is but one example.The fact they are a top lawyer, a great golfer, a CEO, a successful business man, it doesn’t help them become a winning trader because they expect to make money from FX trading without any idea of how to go about it.

Well how do you go about doing it. You go out and do it. Isn’t that the Purpose of this website is to help you learn and talk to others to build your skills and connect with other people.

You could say they are stages through the learning.as mentioned you change not just because knowing more about trading,but also about yourself which will be unique to you .How you relate to losses/failures.We not killjoys on here but there is an opposite to excitement, if there is highs there be lows

Look for trading in the zone on YouTube

Mark Douglas

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The first step is to learn how not to lose money. Without it you cannot trade. Risk and discipline control. Emotional control. That means you need to change your way of thinking when trading FX

That’s with EVERYTHING in life. Literally that what life is ups and downs. Highs and downs. Challenges. you kinda are being a kill joy because you’re not telling me anything to look out for you’re just saying calm your eager ass down which is annoying. People like you get jealous of people who get excited about new things because you’ve been through some many Lowe’s that you get jealous of people coming in that’s happy because that was once you but you have done some things that messed up yourself. How about you give me advice on that be like hey watch out for this but you’re not both of you guys are not you’re just saying you’re tell me Generic things that happen in life weather is trading ,going to school, getting a house ,going to a new job. there’s highs and lows, everything in life. Part of me can’t stand with someone trying to tell you something that’s so generic but don’t try to help you get through it. Thank you I know there’s highs and lows in a lot of stuff to learn you’re not giving me anything new I’m not a teenager. But thank you I do appreciate your advice but when you give me somebody advice or trying to tell them something give them a solution don’t just tell them the negative. Maybe you need to figure out your stuff so the Lows won’t happen to you but maybe the Lows is a teaching

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That’s so generic sir please get off my page you just wanna be a talk. I appreciate you you have a blessed day obviously I’m learning how to do that you’re not giving me any strategy on how I not lose money sir. You’re not giving me anything hing you just want tI talk. because you lost money. How about you tell me how not to so please get off my thread I appreciate you. that’s gonna happen you’re gonna lose money that’s life you lose money and everything in life. I’m just trying gain more and I lose so please. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Hope your right , regarding lows I had horrendous 6 months nothing to with trading ( trading been ok ) things what can happen during life . It’s nothing to do with jealousy I could not give a toss how much people make, good luck to them.I said have a look at Mark Douglas iyou might connect with it or you.might think it nonsense

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Welcome to the community! Always nice to see new lady traders :heart:
Making consistent profits on demo is a great sign, sounds like you’re off to a good start! Just be careful, because some people turn around and lose once they go live if they aren’t prepared for the differences between the two. Once real money is on the line, it’s more difficult to trade the same way if you get anxious, greedy, etc. so that sometimes takes people by surprise.
Wishing you the best! :four_leaf_clover:

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Made jealousy is the wrob word. It just on of my peps when people give a warning or criticism without giving actual feedback or a lesson so they won’t receive that feeling as they did. Because the day has been a really bad training day for me and I’m still learning. So it’s like what tips and tools can you give me so I won’t be in that predicament. Not just say oh you’re gonna lose OK well then how am I gonna lose and how do I not lose. You understand what I’m saying friend

Yeah thank you lovely. I’m feeling night. Last night was bad for me. Thank youuuu.

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I would love to know what happened during the six month nightmare and what did you do to change your mistake.

It was out.of my hands misfortune ,2 horrendous things happened same day

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Sounds lousy @greenscorpio - hope things get better soon.:pray:

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Cheers mate thanks