Hello my name is Thanos, and i want to meet people with trading communities

Hello my name is Thanos, does anyone knows a good trading or has a trading community in Asia?

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Hi there, I suggest you stay here, this is the most helpful community i have ever seen in my career.

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Trading view. It has a strong user base in Asia. It provides advanced charting tools, technical analysis indicators, and a social network where traders can share ideas and strategies.

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This is also my opinion, and I have learned a lot from this forum.

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There were a lot of them, but half of them vanished with the snap of a finger.


Welcome to the community, @Thanos_fx. Don’t know of any. Why do you prefer a trading community in Asia?

Same here. That’s why I asked why you prefer an Asian trading community, @Thanos_fx.

Exactly the same here. Of course there are always distraction in every forum, and so is here, but I think here is way better than other forums

I agree with you, and this forum is more extensive and informative, particularly in the education section.

Welcome to the community Thanos. This is the community you looking for :slight_smile: