Hello, newbie with a couple of questions

Hi. Im a newbie who’s signed up with profitrisecg . Broker contact via whatsapp, deposited over £3k and now wish to withdraw and close acct with balance at £21k. Questions I have:

1/. Anyone else use these guys? Based in Europe using MT5.
2/. Is it normal that I have to pay the withdrawal / close acct fee, CGT, broker fee OUTSIDE of my balance?

Many thanks. I cant find a lot about this company and worried Ive been scammed and with them asking for £3700 to close the acct I dont know what to do.

Many thanks

Sorry to hear about that. This broker looks suspicious. How did you find them? They do have two similar websites:

Check out this review about profitrisefx:

If I were you, I will not make another deposit to them and I hope you get your money back.

Thanks for taking the time to check out and yes, I did see that scamadviser link before. The affiliate business profitriseCG Im with is the Consultancy Group division based in Luxemburg. I’ve contacted money-back com with a hope of finding out whether they know much more about them. Im also still in touch with the agent as she is wanting me to pay the balance to close the account. I hope I get some good news! Will update either way , Thanks again.

This is also happening to me with this company. There is definitely something not right with this company. I have 25k in my account :flushed:

Please let me know how you get on.

Thank you


that definitely doesnt seem alright to me. You should definitely have checked for their regulation if they are legit or not (for example my current broker aximtrade is regulated by ASIC). Also i have never seen any broker contact via whatsapp, usually they would email you as it’s a formal way of contacting clients

Personally I would never do any business with a company based in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Not just forex brokers, I wouldn’t send good money over there for even a floor brush.

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Do you mean a box brush😀

Lesson to learn. No broker and I mean NONE will contact you first. If they do, assume scam.

This doesn’t sound good…I sincerely hope you manage to get your money back and would not suggest depositing another cent, even if they claim it’s necessary to process your withdrawal.

Hi Jane, Sorry to hear. Are they by any chance asking for a withdrawal fee (about 25% of your account total)? I am still in touch via whatsapp with the Brokers who called me childish the other day. Not very professional! I have given up on any chance of recovering my initial deposit.

some brokers can be annoying, we keep trying again

It sounds mighty suspicious to me. What is their regulation? The first thing you should do is ask where they are licensed and then double check with the regulator whether their license is real.

:joy: that made me chuckle

I think this is more than annoying, this is scary.

When I was a child we in England used to have brush salesmen come to the door of the house. They sold cheap floor brushes and stuff like that which they could carry in a big suitcase. They were all Sikhs. They were extremely polite and my Mum used to try and buy something each time they came - as they were just trying to make an honest living.


Aw, that’s so sweet of her. And also yes, that’s a tough job.

Yes it’s 5000Euros, Can I have your email please? I had a discussion with them yesterday and it may help you.

Hi there. Sure email address is davidstuartgray at gmail com

I’m not holding out any hope of recovery but would be interested to see what they have told you.