Hello! RickyB here

Hello To You All!
I am new to babypips and I go by RickyB and looking to expand my Forex knowledge.
I have recently dip my fingers in the MetaEditor MQL5 area. Looking for
some liked minded folks to chit chat about this area.

Nice to meet you Ricky! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you the replay DealingRanges. My interest in MQL5 started from a youtube video on the open cancel order (OCO) concept. I like the idea so I figured I can copy 46 lines of the code. Very simple it is not! Any how when I first compiled it there were 18 errors.
Some how I mange to bring that down to 3 errors. Buy going over thing to make it match perfectly to the video screen code. Just need some advice as to where those last 3 errors are in reference to the video code. I do not see any errors with my set of eyes. Maybe another set of eyes will pick them out. I would like to explore the OCO concept further and try to add some details as they come to my mind while playing around with this. Any advice would be helpful.

Welcome to the forum. If you want to learn more than babypips school is the best section.

Nice to meet you. Wish you all the best for your future.