Hello rPIP is here :)

Hey guys, I joined Babypips last January and it has been 8 so and so months for me. I was profitable in the beginning and everything just took a nose dive and lost about 30% of my trading capital.

Babypips school and the blogs are amazing and the newsletters from babypips are the only newsletters I actually read. Each email from babypips has some thing to offer.

School of pipsology was so cool, actually, it made it a lot easier to understand everything in a fun way. I couln’t find a better resource to learn fx when I was searching all over google.

I must mention that Babypips staff is so cool and friendly and the changed my username to this one “rPIP”, before that it was “Decimus”. When I emailed them I didn’t really think that they would take me seriously, given I had only 3 posts in the forum. The best thing about them was that they replied back in like 2-3 hours and changed my user name. I couln’t expect anything more.

Even my Forex broker is not that fast. In fact I am waiting for an email from them since last April or so.

Thanks all and best regards,
May the pips be with you!

Hey there rPIP!

Welcome back to the club! I’m glad you like our newsletters. Have you also signed up for the monthly release? I believe this is the link (BabyPips - Home | Facebook).

Good luck in your second attempt at trading. Looking forward to more of your posts!

PS: You just made our support team’s day with your comment!