Hello the team : Wags in the place


Wags here :wink:
I come from Belgium but I’m in Dubaï since 4 years.

I begin Forex trading but I trade crypto during years and years.

Thanks for this website and this forum. It’s a amazing place.

hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile: indeed, it is amazing place Regards Greg
btw who is wags?

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Welcome, study hard!

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Hello. My name is Isom
Interesting forum. I hope to get answers to my questions on this forum.

Hello Wags! This is a great community to share ideas and learn from each other. Enjoy your stay and good luck!

Welcome to the community Isom! There are lots of nice people here who would love to help out so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Enjoy your stay and good luck on your trading journey.

Hello guys,


Welcome to the community, Wags. What got you interested in forex?

Welcome to the community, Isom. You can also check out the education section here if you want to learn trading fx. Good luck on your fx trading journey.