Hello there nyc trader here

Good morning everyone, just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

I started in the world of forex in 2008 with an internship at GFSforex on Wall Street which led to an IB position. They soon went out of business and moved their accounts to a UK firm. I went rouge and became a home based retail trader.

I’m currently studying for my series 3, with the hopes of doing another internship soon and getting sponsored.

I am a pattern and ratio trader, with slight emphasis on fundamental analysis.

I’m currently trading two demo accounts with Alpari and FXDD. I’ll be getting back into real money soon with a micro account.

I’m 27 years old, I was born and raised in NYC, and forex is my passion!

Congrats and welcome man ! It’s nice to see someone from the formal background work to get out on their own.

Cool maybe we can learn from you. :wink: Any tips to get hired by a proprietary trading firm??

Well to be completely honest they hire people of all different backgrounds and personality types. I have a degree in finance, with no forex background at the time and it just so happened that they called me after sending them my resume off of craigslist.

Companies are always looking for fresh young minds, people who have a different way of looking at the market you know? Broker positions are mainly sales and seminars, so that comes down to personality and how you speak.

Get your foot in the door and sell yourself!

Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

Yes would love too but in the UK most trading floors are asking £2000 minimum to train on their floor… If only it was so easy!!

If you were a home based retail trader what made you stop? I assume you were trading FOREX.

What does getting sponsored mean? Does it mean trading at a prop shop? I heard a lot of prop trading shops were scams.

Awesome, you have formal forex trading background!

I’m also curious to know what getting sponsored means. Also, what time frames and currency pairs do you usually trade?

Thanks, mate!

I was just in Manhattan all day yesterday for my birthday :wink: Small world.

Nice happy birthday… You’re in wap falls? How old are you? We probably know the same people haha i have friends up there. small world for sure… If you need help with anything let me know

Welcome to the forums youngwallstreet! Looking forward to hearing more from you and your experiences. Glad to have you aboard!

Haha thanks! I am from Wappingers Falls just turned 23 (I know i’m young !), currently residing in Fishkill with my mother and working in Newburgh as an IT Tech. id like to move down, right outside the city somewhere in Jersey in the next 6 months with my GF depending on finances and such.

Very small world indeed.

Funny I looked in the thread, since day trading Forex for a major company always intrigued me. Day trading for a living intrigued me even more lol.

Welcome NYC trader! I’m 21 and relatively new to the world of Finance/Forex but it’s nice to see I’ll be in the company of traders all ages and levels of experience.