Hello to all from the lovely island of Sri Lanka!

I’m currently an undergraduate at Babypips learning and super excited to trade once I graduate.
Currently practicing on demo account on HLHB and Cowabunga systems.
My vision is to become a professional trader in 5 years and help my country and the world in whatever way I can on suicide prevention.


You have a very big task ahead of you But how is your trading going to save the world???

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Hello Ayesh! :smiley: Hahaha. Welcome to BP! :blush:

Wow! :open_mouth: I agree with @A1lenTrader. That is such a big task. :open_mouth: BUT I do believe that you can make a change in your own little way. :blush: So, keep on pushing for that dream! As for your trading goal, people here on BP are very kind and helpful and I hope you feel comfortable sharing your trading experiences with us! :smiley:

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Well, I could always contribute a portion of my earnings from trading, since I myself has been in such a situation, I hope to contribute to save a life someday.
Although it is a very big task ahead, I wish to take upon a challenge; even if I lose I would not mind the knowledge I gather from baby pips!

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do your best and that’s all you can do

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Thanks! @ria_rose
Even though I lose, I find BP forum as a very positive place to be and would love to share my trading experiences.

A Big part of it is learning to Manage your Risk as well as Emotion and Don’t Over trade.

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i just busted out laughing at my desk lol but it’s nice to have big dreams, he might actually be one of the good ones that actually gives back in the right way

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O Hello @Ayesh_84 Welcome to Babypips :heart_eyes: welcome to the biggest trading learning home. You will get all suggestion from here. Stay with baby pips also you are staying with Expert traders. Having the best wish. :innocent:

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[quote=“Ayesh_84, post:1, topic:160099”]
Hello to all from the lovely island of Sri Lanka! [/quote]

Welcome to BP!

Ah yes! The beautiful, but teardrop-shaped, island of Ceylon/Sri Lanka! :slight_smile:

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful bank notes old and new…

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haha. I’m happy to bring a laugh to you.

As Aerosmith says, “Dream on,Dream on,Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true”

It is a haven for tropical living.!

Hello and welcome to the Babypips forum!

Welcome to BabyPips.
From a fellow Sri Lankan.

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WoW! great to find a Sri Lankan in the forum!

Forex trading unites people from all over the world, it’s one of the things I love about it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ayesh_84! You have a really big goal but I sure do hope you achieve it. I guess we just have to do our part in any way we can and hopefully inspire more people to also help out. That way more people are striving to achieve one goal. :slight_smile:

Great cause, @Ayesh_84! Welcome to babypips and ayubowan!

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Hi @Ayesh_84! Welcome to the community. Bless your heart for having that goal to help and save people lives.

Good luck on finishing the School of Pipsology! By the way, how is your demo trade going? I’m also trying the Cowabunga system. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @baemax023, Yes, I started with MT4 demo account and using the HLHB system (updated one) and Cowabunga system.
I feel that I am too greedy for money at this point in time, :grin: as I enter trades too early and exit ambitiously.
I tend to disregard the risk management part sometimes, especially when I’m on a wining streak.

I am also learning through back testing but need to allocate an extra couple of hours as I have a day job. :innocent: