Hello, traders!

I am a new trader. Trade on the Forex market. Prefer price action. By the way, I’m Russian. Poorly know English but want to learn it. If I chat on the forums, then maybe this process is not as long. Sorry for the mistakes. (if someone will have questions on this topic, then write). But I’m just posting screenshots of trades.
Want to watch how traders to trade on price action, want to learn more patterns.
Need your advice. Proper direction?

Privet! And welcome to the forum.

There are several of us price action traders, here. You’ve got off to a good start by wanting to develop that, rather than looking at indicators, in my opinion.

Difficult to offer advice without knowing more about you. Which books have you read about price action? Looks like you can read books in English, with no problem??

“Privet” - Wow! Privet!
I am engaged in this activity for 2 years. Forex, binary options. For example, the books by these authors: Jack Schwager, Steve Nison and many others. Love to read such literature.