Hello world here i am :)

hi my name Daniel from Sweden i just got my yes open for forex trading and i rely like it but before i go live in may trading account i just have to study more about what the heck i am doing. right now it goes good in my trading but i realy don’t know what i a doing. just trading supply and demand

is there any one from Sweden here??

and my goal is to live by trading forex in 12-24 months

Welcome Daniel from Sunny Florida, USA wish you well in your trading.
It’s best to keep a journal, keep track of your trade’s and remember Forex
is 10% skill and 90% all in your head. There’s only 2 ways the market is going to go UP or Down. The Power of the lot size .01 is overlooked and over trading and big lot is Everyone’s downfall early on.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome mate, good luck on your journey

thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome Daniel! I hope you achieve your goals. Just be patient and consistent in your efforts to learn and practice in your demo account. Good luck!

Hi there I’m Thabiso from South Africa…

Welcome Daniel.
Keep the enthusiasm and practice on a demo account first. I hope you reap huge profits.
Wish you luck :slight_smile: