Hello you all i am a Forex Newbie!

hello everybody how you all, hope all are fine. I am new to forex market. I am here to create my own wealth,as of am tired of being poor. I worked under several people they are always insulting bullying and blaming me for no reason. i was all messed up. I need to after my family my all. For that i need money. Then i thought about forex, in here i am the boss i am the worker all are up on me. I think forex is the right place to create a wealth of our own so i decided to choose my career as a forex trader for that i need to learn about forex as am a beginner hope you guys will always therefor me.

I suggest you shouldn’t look to FX trading to make money you clearly need, as with your current situation and mindset you’ll very likely blow your account by gambling it away.

There is no quick solution, sorry.

If you are new in this market, you should learn all the basics of forex properly.

Thankyou for your advise. I will make sure everything from learning Forex. I will start trading when am only ready for as much as i learned and implementing that in the market with strategies that are favourable for me.

Surely. Your concern made me much pleased.