Help/Advice with easy price action ea appreciated

Hi traders,

have been searching for quite a while for an easy price action ea but unfortunately can’t find it. Hope you can help me out.

What I want this ea to do:

  • Buy/sell when price (whole candle) is above/below a 62 ema
  • Move sl to break even when a certain number of pips profit is reached
  • close and reverse the trade each time the 62 ema is crossed
  • optional: move sl in certain intervals, e.g. every 25 pips

Thanks for your help

Ok, folks,

googled a little more and found an interesting price action ea (attached). Would anybody be so kind and help me with this ea?

I want to make sure this ea uses a 62 ema applied to the close price, not a 30 ma.
I want this ea to buy/sell when the actual price is 5 pips above/below this ema.

I’D be glad if someone could help me as I have no programming knowledge at all.



How do I attach the mql source file?

Hi folks,

received some coding help from another forum. So please feel free to modify, correct and test this ea if you want.

I made a few modifications to my fist post where I described what I’d like this ea to do.


  • Open a Buy/Sell order once the actual Bid price is 10 pips above/below the actual value of the 62 ema

I don’t know if it’s required to add a OCO function to the code as with a sl setting of -20 pips for any trade opened, the opposite trading condition would be fulfilled once this value is reached. Well, that’s what I calculated, but I don’t know if this will happen in real trading.

Anybody interested looking at this ea?


Open Price Action (1.95 KB)