Help choosing a broker given my requirements

Hi all, I was using CMC before they migrated to their new platform in July which is now a step backwards because I am now unable to choose my margin/leverage rate.

Can someone offer their view on another broker that would allow

  • micro lots (under 1k of base currency, ideal 500 or less to hold positions over longer times)
  • custom leverage ideally 1:1 (i.e. cash CFD, if 1:1 micro lots do not matter)
  • US stocks as part of their instruments (price for data feeds + commission is okay)

Forex MT4/MT5 would be something I’d like to try - so if anyone have their preferred brokers, please reply back

IG Index I use. Spread betting, CFD and soon to be MT4. Range of markets is good IMO.

Unfortunately IG does not have a custom leverage/margin to be set?

I dont really know about any other broker aside from the one I use which is profiforex. I replied this post because my broker offers the requirements you’ve stated.

Oh right. Sorry.

You can keep continue with MT5.