Help choosing broker (MT4?)


I am new to forex and am looking to open a a mini or micro account. I was originally planning to use thinkorswim but it seems they may not be that great after all. I have recently discovered MT4 and really like it. In light of this, I am considering using a MT4 broker but it seems everyone I find tends to have negative reviews unlike thinkorswim which I know I can trust. I am based out of the US so I would like a US broker.

I plan on day trading and possibly scalping. My expected holding period could range from 5 mins to several hours so I am not sure if that falls in the scalping range.

  1. I have stumbled upon OANDA, MB Trading, and ATC Brokers. Does anyone experience with them?
  2. Does anyone have any experience with Thinkorswim for forex?
  3. What are some other TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE US brokers that use MT4

I look forward to all feedback. Thanks!

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There are many good mt4 brokers out there, 1 thing i would highly recommend would be to get rebates on your trading volume!


I’m also looking into trading forex. I’m looking at easy forex. They seem to get good reviews.

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I would definitely recommend using a USA broker and make sure you get rebates on your trading volume!

Any specific ones you recommend?