Help, for EA recovery from error 130

My EA works perfectly 99% of the time, but sometimes I gets the infamous error 130, an the bot stops working for that type of order (Sell/buy) until the next session. So I’m not asking how to avoid this error, because with the same parameters works fine most of the time, even my broker, for that symbol has Stop Level = 0, so should not bother the distance from the open price.
Instead my concern is to make the bot error 130 proof and continue working as if that trade with error 130 never existed and keep waiting for the next conditions to place another order, like an “automatic reset”.
For now my workaraound is whenever I realized there was an error 130, is to place again the EA on the chart.

Any help is welcome!

what is your stop loss size? The journal should tell you what it was for the failed trade

Seems your SL and/or TP is sometimes too close to the prize. Choose a wider range.

The strategy is a scalper, so the SL is about 3.5 - 2 pips from open price, that is why I’m not trying to avoid this error, just is anybody has a code to make the bot “skip this error” or some ideas to code.

Thanks in advanced!

Thats really close. Okay, you dont want to fix it with a simple solution. With my experience, I would sort this EA out as ‘not working’. Next step is for you to analyze when at which market situation the error happens. Mostly you need higher difference when news are launched (FED,ECB, etc.)

If I can see the strategy? I can rebuild it from scratch with no errors. Let me know!