Help I'm lost

Hi everyone,

I am a student at the University of British Columbia who enjoys studying international relations, and who wants to travel the world. Also, I am interested in learning about forex trading and I am trying to find brokers that have trade platforms for macintosh. Is Oanda my only option?


Not at all.

There are a number of brokers who offer Java, or even Macromedia Flash based trading platforms. I’d hesitate to mention who they are since 1) I don’t know what the rules are here about mentioning such firms and 2) I don’t have a comprehensive list.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of posts from folks who are able to get MetaTrader working on Mac, opening up a lot of broker options.

If you’re going to get serious about trading though, it’s more important to find a broker that meets your business needs first, and then can satisfy your technical needs. It’s hard enough finding a good broker you trust, period. Add to that the difficulty of one with specific tech requirements and you might find yourself in difficult shape.