Help-Learning The Ropes

Hi , my name is Wendy and Im in the UK . Im currently stranded at home
due to illness and have been set some practice assignments by my college.
I was wondering if any kind soul would guide me as I am a beginner in this field !

I have been given a notional $250,000 to trade on the Forex futures market , and am restricted to :

I`m wondering how to start trading , I was thinking of going short on the
Japanese Yen by trading 10 contracts and maybe going long on the Euro by trading 5 contracts to start off .
Round turn commission is $25 per contract and the Margin requirements on futures contracts are as follows (initial/maintenance) :
YEN ($4860/$3600)
POUND ($3915/$2900)
EURO ($6345/$4700)

Could anyone guide me as to working out my initial figures to start me off on this ?
Hope I`m not being a nuisance
Many thanks

Any ideas anyone ?
Take pity on a poor housebound Brit :wink:

I think most of the members here trade spot forex, not futures.

Hopefully someone with knowledge will be able to advise you.

Thanks so much for answering. Ive been thrown in at the deep end to try and master this on my own-I have to trade for 10 consecutive days and try and make a profit plus justify my choices ! Not easy when you havent a clue !
Thanks again

Not sure how to help with the calculation of futures but people will probably help with trade direction.

What are your reasons for going Short Yen/USD and Long EUR/USD?


Im a bit embarrassed to say that I thought short Yen only because the Japanese economy seems to be in turmoil while the Euro is just a hunch thing. I only have 10 days to trade so can stop contracts in minutes if I like,so if the Euro rises Ill just say , right thats enough , and cash in (told you I was a newbie:o)

Thanks for replying