Help me learn Price Action

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I would like to learn price action but with so much information don’t know where to start. Kindly guide me to a price action thread, with recent charts.

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I would highly recommend “RockzFX Academy” channel. He trades pure price action on the clear charts. Very simple but powerful.
I regret I didn’t find it when I started trading.
Hope this will help.

RockzFX Academy is a good find. What I love about him is that he does not get into candlestick analysis. He looks at price and how it interacts with market structure. That’s exactly what you should be doing as a price action trader.

He can improve his analysis manifold if he would (1) look left more and (2) consult a higher timeframe chart like the daily since he is essentially trading the 4 hour chart (in the video that I watched). Also, he chooses to plot his chart with a monotone color. This works against him big time. (3) He should select a different color for bearish candles so as to easily differentiate them. Things will become much more clear to him if he were to do that.

@Cityzenfx, take a look at his video linked below. Study it thoroughly and in detail. Then conduct the same exercise on a single pair of your choice, for as long as you can, while incorporating the 3 changes that I’ve listed above. Do this every day for 1 month and you will be astonished by how much your trading will improve. Within 6 months you will be able to glance at a chart and, more often than not, know exactly where to place your entry, SL and TP.

Happy trading! Go collect some virtual pips.


@QuadPip @ililili

Hi guys, I’ve never heard of that company so I watched his video. I’m not sure why anyone would recommend him especially on that video. It was so awkward to watch. You could hear him getting more and more annoyed/ frustrated and inconsistent. At times, he even says that’s a risky trade and then takes it. How can anyone learn anything from him. I dont even mind his losing trades as long as he is teaching consistently. But he doesnt even have confidence in his own analysis. I got the feeling he was taking trades that he was unsure of. I think a proper price action trader would laugh at him.

I completely agree with you quadpip. I would go further and say he needs to go back and re-learn it (not sure who hes learnt from). It’s so basic support, resistance, break and retest that its taught by every random on YouTube. He says a lot of keywords but I think hes convincing himself and when the trade doesnt go right he starts to get pissed off. As far as calling himself a donkey/dumbo- forgot what he said and i cant live through watching it again. The monotone candles might be him trying to differentiate himself by doing this because the material is the same as done for years.

For someone who is teaching others, maybe even selling courses I would worry about anyone watching his videos. You would pick up so many bad habits and still have no understanding of what’s going on.

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price action is a real part of professionalism in forex trading , to be experienced about this approach is a long time approach , as a result most of the traders lost interest after passing sometimes.

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I watched his video as well yesterday and I must say I was also not too impressed. He seemed to rush through and the monotone colors also were annoying. My hunt continues for a better teacher of price action.

Hey @Cityzenfx

I’m new here and I do not know if I am allowed to give links

We have a series of 4 videos about supply and demand on YouTube, one of them is dedicated to Price Action

Wish you success

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Only two price actions you should pay attention to:

Price breaks out.

Price reverses.

So the next question to ask is WHERE will price break out?

And WHERE will price reverse.

It’s that simple.

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What kind of format are you looking for? Video or something like what babypips has?

the price action really most professional trading strategy but the main problem is , to be experienced about this system is a long time issue , for that reason we the traders lost interest after passing sometime.