Help me, required simple ea

Anyone can help me to make simple ea?

  1. Start time, end time
  2. Open buy or sell order by previous candle.
  3. Any pair and any time frame

Lets say, 1h chart. Ea start at 8a.m., if 7.00-8.00 single candle was bullish, the ea open buy position. And if 7.00-8.00 candle was bearish, then ea open sell position. And it’s repeating on what time frame setled. Opened position leave for close manually

I think you should contact some experts personally for this. Might help you better with your EA. good luck.

Have a look on sites such as Upwork for a developer - you’ll need to pay though.

I agree that automated trading can help you take advantage of the market changes that happen in a fraction of seconds. But at the same time, I also think that when you trade manually, you are in better control.