Help me to understand

Hi to all,

Today i start to backtest a strategy based on pivots and i opened up my soft4fx simulator. First thing was to check if pivots numbers from soft4fx broker (dukascopy) are the same witrh my broker wich is ic markets. I figured out that they are not the same and looking closely i saw that the 2 brokers show different time for bars. My time is GMT + 3 and that’s why this difference i think, but still i don’t understant how is this possible, i really can’t understand why time and data is different.
I want to understant this right and make sure that when i use indicators for pivots for example to have right data.

HI, the difference in quotes is due to the fact that dukascopy allows you to trade from Sunday and IC Markets from Monday. Regards Greg

Thanks! I will try other broker from soft4fx.