Help me, vps or hosting package, what i need?


I am a new here, whats up :smiley:

One question ? What i must have before i started in Forex trading jobs. I see so much website who work with this and I know, if they have so much this tings, that are good for business but, I have so much questions, eheheh

First, do I need hosting for create website or some vps, dedicated server?

Thanks guys, very much.

No. You don’t require that. Some people get it to run robots all day long. However, the practice itself is largely unprofitable, so I see no practical reason in getting one.

It’s clear you have Internet. And that’s all you need.

Thanks very much , but is it easier with this robots or not. I searching google and come on some Forex plugins and that stuff. Some Forex website sell vps server, what is that.

Question : Can I start with hosting package and install this plugins and stuff on him, or i must buy vps server. I really wont be good on this job.

If you’re looking to trade with robots, then I must cease with my assistance at this point as I’m fundamentally against helping someone engage in behavior that I believe will result in their financial loss.

I am currently trading by VPS. I don’t use a “robot” for trading as I determine all of my entry points myself…but my trades typically last for about 48 hours, so I do use a trade manager that watches my trades and coordinates the exits per my instructions.

Because of the fact that the trades are live for a fairly long period of time, and due to the fact that there are a few power outages every year around my house, I decided to go with a VPS to try and give me always-up service and allow me to access my trading station from wherever I am via my laptop and 3G cell phone internet service.

I heard about Thrust VPS on this board and went with them. It has been a terrible experience. Terrible. I’ve only been using the service for about two months and the thing has gone down multiple times. Now, to be fair, the power at my house has gone out twice in the same period of time. Once when some nutter drove his car through the power pole causing the lines to snap and the transformer to blow which resulted in a loss of power for about 5 hours. The second time the power went out for 2 hours due to scheduled maintenance…probably followup to the first issue.

But, again, the power on my VPS has gone down at least 4 times requiring me to reboot my VPS each time. When I get my trade manager back up, all the live trades were disorganized and I had to go through them one-by-one to reset their various exit/partial close/break even settings. Night mare.

Even worse yet, the VPS is obviously SHARED as it is a “virtual” computer out there in internetville. Other people get on “nodes” and start trying to use them for DNS hacking and stuff. This causes my OWN service to slow to a snails pace. It’s really irritating. Even worse than the shut downs because it happens all the time. I’ve even found situations where trades have not been triggered or closed, or the stop loss moved and I think it’s because the CPU is going so slow and I’m managing so many trades at one that the instructions somehow get skipped on individual trades when price is moving fast.

At this point, I’m buying a new laptop computer to use as my trade station. I’ll also be buying a Uninteruptable Power Supply battery backup system into which I’ll plug in the laptop, the router, and the cable modem. This should give me MUCH more reliable service and the 3.3 ghz dedicated processor should be much better at managing large numbers of trades.

I really think that the ONLY reason one would use a VPS is because they are running a scalping-style system where execution speed is crucial and they want to have their trade station located as physically close to their broker’s central computer as possible. And in that case, I’d not use Thrust VPS for sure…but something that has a reputation in the trading community for being bullet-proof.