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I’m New On This Forex Thing, I Just Finished Read The Class, Can Anyone Tell Me The Easy Way To Start With, I Wanna Download A Platform From A Good Broker, Can Anyone Send Me The Website Or The Link To Download A Demo Acc


There is a broker review section on this site using the tools tab.

IMO a good Metatrader broker is InterbankFX. They have a demo account.

Metatrader is a popular platform that you can get a lot of advice and help with from members of this forum.

I really appriciate ur response… well i have downloaded there platform but i could’nt see the japaness candlestick and also bar chart for my chart… can u show me where i can pick them from the platform because i have search the tools botton but i could’nt find it…


Well you need to take sometime and have some patience. I understand being new and looking at a platform for the first time can be overwhelming, however you can chat live with someone, or even call them for assistance. Because in the long run you will be using those features when you decide to go live. Don’t hesistate to communicate with tech support, NOT THE SALES REPS.

Use the magnifying glass with the plus sign. Then go two buttons to the left and hit it. That will bring up candlesticks. Take a little time to learn as much as you can about the platform. When you get in a jam and have a question, the forum is here.

I could’nt get the candlestick yet… i’m using the demo acc of g t s pro account… i cud’nt find the magnifying botton… or can u tell me the easy software i can use …

Here’s an old screen shot I used for something else but essentially it shows the buttons you need. If they are not on your toolbar, then you will have to open them up using the “View” menu option.

Usually the candlesticks are zoomed right out and you may have to use the + to zoom in closer before they look like candle sticks.

As mytwopips says…play around with it and get to know what & where things are. Use the built in “Help” option too.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’d stuggest Oanda. Very nice platform imo. I’ve tried several and Oanda is by far the best.

There are 3 platforms I can recommend :

  1. The MT4 platform which you are experimenting with.

  2. The Oanda platform but because of poor charting you will need to back it up with MT4

  3. The Rolls Royce of all platforms - the GFT platform. This is the one I use.

[B]Ibfx, Oanda , Odl , Northen Finance , Fxcm & Gtf
These are some reputable broker’s visit there site’s choose any of them which seems to you good …:wink:
PipHacker:D [/B]