Help MT4

Hi everyone!

I’m using a demo on MT4, but since I started last month I have only had bad results.
How do I make sure that my Expert Advisor is working properly? I can see a smiling face in the top right corner of the Chart window, and the EA have a green tringle.

Any help will be appreciated.

If the EA is doing all the trading and you are just pressing run, that is why you are getting bad results. EA’s are garbage plain and simple. If you think you can make money in forex doing nothing, you are going to be rudely awakened by losing your money with an EA.

Well you have to start somewhere… Try something else if this is not working.

Actually, we had such a conversation (the EA/Manual trading conflict) not so long ago - you can look up "[B]auto traders - where to start[/B] ".

Regarding Mabelle’s situation here, isn’t empirical experience the main way of choosing the suited path?
The ‘open demo account’ option is a great way of getting the vibe, [B]as long as education is implemented[/B] (i.e. BabyPips School).

Now, in this case, it’s your first bad experience out of some [didn’t want to say many:-)] in this field.
For the avoidance of doubt, [U]in order to check weather the EA is working properly[/U] - [B]a smiley face should appear on the top left corner of the chart[/B].

Mabelle - if after checking, the EA doesn’t seem to have any malfunctions, try him for some more time, change him to other EA’s and have a second experience.
You could also start experiencing with autotrading platforms. I just read an interesting review by Jennifer Shotts from the DailyForex regarding AvaFX’s Autotrader, giving it very good feedback.
No matter what is the decision, don’t give up experiencing and educating (again, the BabyPips School is just great).

Take into consideration the fact that the market fluctuates, we are just trying to move the same :slight_smile: