Help on exiting trades

I’m getting real confused abt exiting a trade be it profit or loss. I know how to set a profit and loss, but when I try exiting a trade it never works. Please help! By the way I’m on a demo account.


Not sure what you mean it never works? You need to provide more details before anyone can try to assist you. In general you can double click or right-click your position and exit it which is the same regardless of which platform you are using (at least I never came across one where it was not possible.

Ok… I have my MT4 on my cell phone…So how I do I close my position using my cell phone?

If you are viewing the trade window on the MT4 mobile app, you should be able to hold your finger on a particular trade to make a pop up window appear. In that window, you can select “Close Order”.

Yes, it is true. I suggest to study the first use of mt4 on phone. I think it is quite easy and can be done anywhere.

Thanx a mill guys!

Touch the position and hold it a bit and you are going to get another windows open where you can close or modify your position.

It worked…Thanx alot guys!

answered my doubt, thanx