Help on Oanda, DD or NDD?

Hi Forum, I wanted to see if you guys can help me out. I have done a lot of reading on these forums so far and done a lot of googling and some things are still a bit unclear when it comes to dealing desks and non dealing desks and Oanda. Let me state things I understand and please correct me if I am wrong in any of them…

  1. A DD broker takes the other side of your position. My understanding of that is that if you go long on EUR/USD, they will sell you the EURO, take your USD, and hope you lose because if you make money (i.e. EUR/USD moves up, then they have to take money out of their pocket and pay you back. With that said I dont understand what “fixed spread” has to do with anything here. I keep hearing DD have fixed spreads. are Oandas spreads fixed? I see their spreads increase once trading ours are closed,

  2. is Oanda a DD or NDD? here: Oanda Pricing they offer two options, Spread only pricing and core pricing + commission. This completely mind F**ks me because I am reading on here that NDD charge comission and DD do not. So are they a DD and NDD?

  3. how does one choose to pick which pricing they want. I figure how does someone even get to choose that.

A dealing desk broker is generally a b book broker that means they will play against your trades. In case they have 2 set ups there is a possibility that they are trying to offer pure spreads along with commissions. However, it can be said that if they are a b book broker, the spreads cannot be “Core”. I would suggest you to go with a broker which only offers pure accounts with commission. Paying commission is always better that being charged spreads which are never fixed.

So is oanda DD or NDD? does anyone know if their spreads are fixed?