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Can anyone point me in the direction of a good reliable forex training programme I am willing to pay for this programme.

I have spent about a month with the babypips school and about halfway through the excellent videos of the InnerCircle Trader.

I have not yet opened a demo account for the simple reason that I do not think that I am any where near good enough yet. At the moment this seems years away, but I am finding it interesting enough to learn

Kind Regards
Kevin Redfern (UK)

I know that this is not what you are looking for but hear me out. People learn from mistakes and the only way to do those for free is demo account. If you are half way through ICT videos you should have at least try to place orders. Post your trades in the thread, ask questions in other words participate not only lurk. Make mistakes write them down and do not repeat them, others will help you identify those mistakes, so you are not alone in the woods with a creepy clown.

It is a real can of worms, this one!!

There have been a few previous discussions that I am aware of, and presumably many before my time on here, but in my experience we are divided into two broad camps:

  1. Paying for Forex training is a waste of money that could otherwise be traded - why pay for something that is available on the internet for free? Save your money, develop a strategy on demo with the support of internet resources, books, Babypips etc (including the excellent school). It is worth the investment of time if you are serious about treating this as a long-term career. And if someone is that good at trading, why would bother charging to teach?


  1. While there is some excellent stuff available for free, there is also a lot of rubbish, and it is very helpful to have an expert to guide you through all of that, help separate wheat from chaff, and give an opportunity to have discussion and ask questions face-to-face in a lot of detail within the context of an overall strategy. This helps avoid a lot of the rubbish, and hastens the overall journey, thus bringing much faster profitability and less time spent pursuing blind allies.

By all means, everyone, step in and tell me whether I have misrepresented either camp, or missed a third option etc. I was seeking to offer helpful summary, not to misrepresent any views.

For my part, I learned Forex trading with Knowledge2Action, in the UK, I am in my second year of trading now but was consistently profitable within months of taking the course. I simply took the original two day course but continue to receive mentoring/coaching from them.

They have a fair few critics (who doesn’t, in this internet age?!) but rarely from people who have actually completed the programme. It was not cheap, but from my own point of view at each stage they did exactly what they said they would do and I am now a confident, consistent trader. When I started out I knew nothing. In the grand scheme of things, the course fees were absolutely worthwhile - I am a full time trader, these days, and make a good return at it.

(Slightly apprehensive at having poked my pro-training head up above the parapet once more lol!)

Thanks ROKAS1989 and to Simon Templar for your replys. I will continue posting questions in this forum and also have a look at Knowledgeto action.
Who Knows in the future I may be able to help others with Forex
Thanks once again
Kevin Redfern

Simon you did forget the third party. He can always pay me and I will tell him what not to do in the market :slight_smile:

Every team needs a comedian!!