Help requested: small test to compare volumes per broker


I don’t know why I didn’ t think of this sooner, but hey that happens. I know that the volume you receive from your broker is the volume derived from the number of transactions at your broker (or the pool connected to).

Broker 1: 5143
Broker 2: 14543

Now I’d like to do a little comparison and need your help! Will you share with me the volume of a specific bar, the name of your broker (preferably also if it is live or demo). I’d like to compare the volumes for each of the brokers to have an indication regarding the volumes traded.

For this test I have chosen an EURUSD 1 hour bar 13:00 GMT+2 March 11. Please see the picture.

If you want to participate you can either post your result in this thread or, a bit more discrete, PM me. I won’t share the details. When you work with multiple brokers, please share the ones you’d like.

Why does this matter? Well if you want to trade you’d like to have someone to trade with, so I wuld think you’d prefer a broker with a lot of volume traded.

I hope you guys and gals want to participate. A little incentive to convince you: I will share the results and the broker names with the persons that participate. Only the broker anonimized results will be presented in the thread.

Hi! Great thread! You can post also on the volume thread (started by Emeraldorc)… Have you read it? It is here in Forextown…

I do not have my computer to see the exact volume but on my mobile 'phone trading platform (I use FXCM) the real trading volume indicator gives a bar for the 11th March EUR/USD at 11am GMT that is about 200m(illion) units… The grid for the hourly chart goes from zero to 500m volume units, so I am estimating that the bar in question reaches up to a little less than half of that…

I could be more precise, but I am on my way to bed…

Is your broker giving you something similar or wildly different?

Happy trading!

Thanks! No I haven’t read the thread… :S I will post on that one to.

The volume I am getting is in ticks, not in volume itself (MT4). The two numbers given in my post are of two of the brokers I work with. I was surprised by the difference.

Good morning, Toekan!

Let me clarify: FXCM offers Real Volume (expressed in units) and also the one that you mentioned (tick volume);

I went back to the desktop platform just now and here are the data for the 11th March, EUR/USD, 11am (GMT),

hourly chart:

  • Tick Volume: 14,551 ;

  • Real Volume: 155,954,000 .

It looks like the Tick Volume figure from FXCM is almost identical to the one from your second broker…

I hope this helps.

Yup, that helps. And the identical tickvolume is not a co-incidence. :wink:

G’day bro

This is from IC Markets - Live03 server. 7417 ticks. Looks like IC markets filter their tick data. Interesting to know what cTrader tick volume is. I’ve identifed it befor as even more filtered than MT4. what thread was that 301 Moved Permanently