HELP! Sitting on hands!

Ok, I’ve procrastinated writing this thread for several reasons. It makes me realise that not all problems I can solve myself, and I also am a little mad at myself right now.

First I think this thread can possibly help many people, because when your trading if you trade for the sake of trading, your going to regret it. We all have a system and we all have a time and a market for that system. Last two weeks hasnt been mine. My life has gotten hectic… when that happens people tend to stick to hobbies for comfort. Forex is one of those hobbies (although I think its a love hate relationship :rolleyes: )

I’ve got a system that I cannot forward test because I cannot test it. I’ve said on several other thread that I need to tweek it, and thats true. I wont make wild changes without a reason I’ve got a whopping 2 trades that I’ve made since I’ve had time to trade (I go with long periods where I can, and then where I can not trade!) My system will be writen in black and white for me and for anybody else that wants to do it, It’s basically other peoples sytems mixed to how I think is best for me… go figure…

My core problem is I cant seem to sit on my hands. I’m ok with scalping occasionally but when I get to the anxious need to trade state I cant let myself. I’ve got other things I do, or I’ll just turn off my computer, and walk away, or read whatever. This dosnt always help me. I’ll get so anxious that I wont check the charts and so I’m hesitant to do the same actions given the same situation again. So…

What do you do when you need to sit on your hands? I know not everybody will be able to use everybody elses ideas but… heres my current list of other activites to do:

>Read (this alone, has saved me from being stupid more then once… A I can wait till the trade is setup, and B i learn more :slight_smile: )
>Google Forex terms that I could stand to learn better…
>Find a good book and read it
>play a bored game with my unsuspecting roomate.
>Worship Misty who owns the house we rent, and the funiture we bought, but we can have her scratching post, my bed works better for that…
>scalp the forex, still following my system but in a tighter timeframe (Dont quite have the disclipline to do this yet, getting there though… so its maybe a once a week thing)

All of those I can do and watch charts, I’ve got a bunch of things I can do when I need to calm down and regroup.

Ok… so I know you have heard this one before, but here it is.

“For every missed opportunity another one will be around shortly.”

I used to trade small lot sizes on trades that I was unsure of and bigger lot sizes on the “good” ones. Not any more. I got tired of subtracting my small losses from my big gains. Now I just wait for the “good” ones or don’t trade.

Oh and isn’t this some crap. On the days you are busy and go back and look at charts, you see nice setups. On the days you can devote to trading you get nada. What the hell is that? I guess a part of life.

I know right :mad: :confused: :eek:

According to the Murphy’s law the toast always drops butter down.

Therefore the toast buttered on BOTH sides will hover once dropped.

I tried that, It split in half before it landed and still landed butterd side down on both halves.

I was going to trade today, as I did over the weekend (made some pips mostly offsets my stupid-losses) Going to have to wait for my signal then, and only then enter this time… Shouldnt be too much longer, and I’ve noticed almost every other pair I watch (the major 6) seems to be getting all setup for me, now that… thats just a little oddly I think.

Welp wish me luck, I’m sure I’ll be needing it, but hopfully I wont :wink: I’ld prefer skill and experience, still working on the latter of course :slight_smile: