Help with a UK newspaper article on the rise of “social trading” sites like eToro

I am a UK-based freelance journalist and I’ve got good feedback in the past from this forum when I have been researching trading stories for the newspapers.

I wrote a long feature on learning to trade in the Guardian a little while back.

I’ve been commissioned to write a feature on the rise of of “social trading” sites like eToro, (as well as FxPro’s SuperTrader, Currensee and Zulutrade) for one of the UK broadsheet newspapers.

I keen to hear any views on this. If you think they’re great and a sure-fire way to make money then I’d love to hear your views

If you think they’re a waste of time and a sure-fire way to lose your money then I’d love to hear your views.

If you any views at about the social trading phenomenon then I’d love to hear your views.

Are any of you using eToro, Zulutrade etc… is it working for you? Have any of you tried and failed?

Please get in touch with me whatever your opinion and maybe we can have a quick email exchange or skype/phone chat about your experiences…

I look forward to hearing from you


Hello there,

I have experience with etoro and Zulutrade,actually i am trading for the past two and a half years as a follower on zulutrade.
My overall conclusion is zulutrade’s platform is much more advanced and tech oriented towards the trading of followers, where my etoro experience was short and quite unpleasant - i lost my account, live account, within 5 trading days of trading.But you can also see for yourself - open a demo accounts and you can see as well the eminent difference between the two platforms.

Hey Eddy Mo
Thanks for getting in touch. I’d love to hear more about your experiences. Any chance we line up an email exchange or qiuck skype chat? David
My email is…

david.c.robinson [then the “at” sign] hotmail dot com

Look forward to hearing from you

Hey there,

I was thinking something along the lines of dropping your questions here and then replying at my convenience…fell free and shoot. This way we can attract and more people to discuss and enrich your research.

Hello ‘canulearntotrade’,

do you have the link to the Guardian article that you wrote?

I would like to read it.

Thank you.


Hi PipMeHappy. I’ve just tried to post the link and it won’t let me because I haven’t yet made enough posts. I’ll post it in a mo

See if this works

Trialling ‘learn to trade’ stock market websites: can you get rich quick? | Money | The Guardian

Hope you like it

Thanks Eddy. I’d be delighted. The questions are simple…
Are you an experienced trader or a beginner? Based in the US? What social trading platforms have you used? Forex of stocks? For how long? Did it work? Did you make money? Did you like them? Would you use them again? Is social trading a wonderful innovation that could help fledgling traders the world over? Or a load of nonsense? What for you is the big difference between Zulutrade and eToro? Would you recommend either to your mates? Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers. David

Thank you, David Robinson…great article!!

Agreed, and I wish there were more mainstream coverage of this stuff, of retail trading, as so many people seem to be involved in it. It’s currently a bit like gaming was a few years ago - many people do it, but it is slightly underground and unfashionable to cough to.

Also, this stuff necessarily ends with a subjective end conclusion, as each individual writer can only talk to a small pool of representatives, so with only a small number of articles the canon of work is not very extensive and, therefore, not necessarily representative. Before we even start in on the fact that those with a negative experience tend to shout more loudly than those with a positive.

I like the article for the fact that it exists, and I agree with lot of it… but at the same time K2A taught me to trade (not stocks, admittedly, just Forex) and here I am, in my fifth year full time. So sometimes in life people will have to take a punt, whatever they have heard from others, as we are all different.

Apologies for the random interjection of unsolicited opinion many moons after the event! Carry on.

Hi Simon, indeed you are right - how very few will bother to give a review when all was as advertised, but when it didn’t turn out as expected - wow!!

I remember a few years ago a poster asking about K2A, to which you gave your own honest experience, you likewise warned in your post how the differences in individual traders can produce different results, I think you may have actually warned him a couple of times that your results and his may not work out the same.

Did he listen? - like heck he did, called you all sorts of names just because the K2A programme didn’t work for him.

I really do think it’s down to the individual and his approach to learning. The op’s handle sums it up, my belief is that with sufficient brain power and approach a person can learn how to be proficient in any human endeavour.

I am an experienced follower. None US resident.
What social trading platforms have you used? Zulutrade, etoro - both only for forex. etoro i used for 5 days only - until the traders blew my account. Zulutrade i am still using- fanatically. Obviously I like them. Yes social trading is an innovation and helps quite a lot people that cannot trade themselves. For me the difference between the two platforms is that Zulutrade constantly produces new features specially designed for followers to make money. I think my recommendation is pretty obvious- where to follow.
i think i answered all your questions :wink:

Hi Peter,

Yes indeed - Dev Zero or similar, I think he was called. He asked for opinions, I gave mine but with appropriate caveats, and as you say I walked into a torrent of pretty unrepeatable abuse. He did, at least, teach me a new word - sockpuppet. He accused me of being a member of K2A staff here on stealth mode, a sort of siren, luring the unsuspecting rookie trader onto the rocks of their terrible course through a combination of fluid prose and downright lies. He obviously thought me very much prepared to play the long game!

I tend to back off, now, when asked for opinions on here, at least compared with my earlier, ‘open book’ days. His bile surprised me.

Anyway, rambling on as ever - I like your post, and particularly agree with your closing sentence.

Hey hey hey, what happened to the article that you were putting together? Can we see it? Did it get published?
Would be great to actually see what other people would comment with their autotrading social trading with zulutrade :slight_smile:

So, you published an official article on zulutrade? Can I read it please as well, would like to see your conclusions!

yeah, man, what happened with the article, did you ever end up writing it? or you we just getting info around…

Hey Eddy Mo. A million apologies. Real life got in the way over the summer and my research was left on the shelf. I’ve just putting together the story now and it will run soon. Apologies again, this is not the way I normally work. I’d like to quote your experiences in the article but need to run a couple of things by you. Pls can we PM? Kind Regards, David

bugger. the site wont let me PM you becuase I’ve havent made enough posts.

Eddy Mo, if you could please get in touch: david.c.robinson [the at sign) hotmail dot com

I’d be very grateful