Help with meta4 charts

how do i make it so that when i customize a chart, every new chart i open has the same custom layout?

I am new to the software too, but I think if your right click and save template, then load it when you want, that is what you are looking for.
I’m still playing around with the software too, don’t understand it very well.

click the last icon to the top right tool bar (the one that looks like a chart) -> choose “save template” -> name it -> each time you start mt4 (if it doesn’t re-load on its own) go back to that icon and choose your named template.

I tried save template, but it didnt work, when i reopen mt4 and open a new chart it still opens as the default black background with the green graph, i want the default to be my own custom layout?

It will open as default black background but then if you
press “load template” & use your “custom template” it changes
straight away to the design you have saved.

thanks daydreamer, that works, i wish there was a way to change the default instead of having to change each individual charts template, but what you gonna do, thanks again

there is, just save the template as default. It’ll write over the previous default one and that’s the one it’ll have.

right on virtecs! thanks