Help with MT4 - saving different fibonacci settings

Ive searched the whole internet for the answer but to no avail… SO… can you help!!

I trade a system that uses different fibonacci’s. I use about 4 different ones, all with slightly different extensions and retracement settings but cannot save each of these for the life of me.

eg: I have a H1 GBP/USD chart up with my indicators, + 4 different fibonacci retracement tools on it. One on the weekly, one the daily, one on the H4 etc… (each of these have slightly different settings). Ok… GBP/USD all set up and saved as a template.

Now I want to set up, say, a EUR/USD chart, but when I go to use my fibonacci tool, it just brings up the last one I used on my previous chart. Is their anyway to save each ‘different’ fibonacci so I can go to any chart and say, select my ‘fibonacci H4’ and all the associated settings/ extensions with it and plonk it on my charts?

Help is greatly appreciated.


I haven’t tried this but you may give it a shot… Why not apply to EURUSD the template that you created for GBPUSD? What I mean is, you bring up an EURUSD chart and then you select Template > Your Template from the Charts menu. If it works, you will find in the Object List your 4 Fibs and you will be able to move them where you need.

Hi quicksilver, I’ve tried what you explained. When i appy my saved template to another chart, I can see my different fibs in the ‘object list’ but in no way can I get them into my chart. i’ve tried allsort, including drag and drop… Am i being stupid? The only way i can get a fib into my chart is by clicking on the fib button, and it brings only one of my settings in without the option to choose the others.

Your help is greatly appreciated…

OK, I’ve just tried it and it worked (sort of). It’s true that the Fibs that come with the template may not be visible, but you can make them show up with a simple manipulation. In the Object List window select each Fib that your template brings in the new chart, choose Edit and then go to the Parameters tab; change the 2 times and the price levels to something that will be visible on the chart and hit OK, then Close. The Fib modified as such should become visible in the chart; I’ve attached to this post some screenshots that I just made, check them out if you’re unsure of the process.

Excellent!.. Thankyou quicksilver. My pain is over thanks to yourself. Your workaround works! Brilliant stuff and once again… Thankyou soooo much.

If I can help you with anything… just holla :wink:

Glad to have helped, jon. I wish you a very profitable trading.

Hi, I’m glad I’ve found your post. Can you explain to me how to have more than one fibonacci retracement on mt4 to choose between , please?