I seem to be getting far to attached to my money when I trade I just don’t seem to have the psychology for trading does anyone think I should just trade MA crossovers and strictly trade this way I’ve been told that there generally right 60% of the time

First of all, if you don’t have a strategy tested, you need to do that first before ever trading real money. Get a good forex backtesting software program and actually test your MA crossover system over the longest period possible. Your results will give you a better idea of if a system is going to be profitable or not. From there, you can make adjustments. Do not take people’s word for the profitability of a system…test it yourself!

This might help with your psychology - NLP

But as far as MA crossovers are concerned, they are pretty much a waste of time unless you at least combine them with S/R and some PA, actually you’d be better off without them and just S/R and PA.

You might want to research MA in general, like SMA and EMA … not necessarily the crossovers but when price moves above or below and the angle of the MA line. Try different time frames and like purplepatch said, combine with S&R, PA and pivots. Good luck.


I’ve been manually trading with MAs for years but am now trying to learn MQL4 to automate some strategies. Needless to say, the learning curve is a bit steep. :confused: Does anyone know of any “trusted” coders that could offer assistance?

I’m trying to generate a simple script for an EA where OCO trades (one cancels other) are entered when the PRICE (not the candle close, but the actual PRICE) crosses the WMA(14) on a 30 minute chart. The lot size would be consistent for each trade and a stop loss (say 100 pips) would be entered just as backup in case the EA was accidentally disabled.

I realize this is not a terribly profitable strategy (especially during consolidation), but I’m hoping to learn more from seeing how the script looks when laid out “correctly.” I’m extremely grateful for any insight!

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If you type in google build ea you will find websites that will build a specific ea that you specify for less that $60