HERE IT IS - The Finest Trading System Ever Offered on this Forum

As I have seen 3 pages of requests, I will now present the strategy that I use as a favourite and has an absolutely top reputation amongst the elite few.

This system is from way back in the days of old, and, like Darvas Trading, is largely forgotten.

It is definitely and under wraps system - you will not find it anywhere easily.
Definitely not on the internet, because some of it could be considered classified.

I have come across it a long time ago because it is a scientifically based system, and, as a scientist, it took my interest.

I am astonished at its success factor, its design is based firmly on quantum mechanics, the study of the structure of the atom.
As others here may know, quantum mechanics is a study in probability, as it tries to predict the orbital structure and placement of the electrons of an atom.
This is a study in chaos theory and the Heisenberg uncertanty principle, where an act of studying an event changes the nature of the event.

As such, the system makes short work of forex predictions and calculations.

Now I cannot describe the system in two words such as the crossing of one exp average with another.
It requires more detail than that.

[B]So in the next series of posts, I will take you thro, step by step[/B]. :smiley:

[B]My first post is here to whet your appetite.[/B]

[U]Please note that I will be presenting this system in pictorial fashion as I do with my candlesticks threads.[/U]

I will look at the “views” section to verify that enough readers are looking at this before I continue to post on.
Confirmation replies are strongly encouraged.

[B]Now…[/B] :smiley:

[B]Firstly, this system does not use any common indicators!![/B]

No MACD, stochastic, RSI, linear regression, Bollinger bands, etc, etc,

No indicators whatsoever!! :cool:

Bare price action is used!!

No candlestick patterns, no s/r lines or any of the common stuff that you always use.
This exotic system is more powerful than that.

It uses something very different, something very scientific.

What is it??


[B]I will tell you that after some replies to see if I should go on!![/B]

Thank you tymen. I know you well enough not to toss up a couple MA’s and say it’s the greatest thing ever.

I myself trade price action. I’m looking forward to adding what you have to share to my arsenal, provided it’s something I don’t already know about already. :wink:

What’s with this teasing! My nails are all chewed up, I can’t wait any longer! Gaaaah :smiley:

Glad I found this forum and I am very curious what you are coming up with. So far sounds intriguing. Appreciate your time. Thanks

As long as it doesn’t scare horses or womenfolk go on, we wait with breath baited and appetite unsated.

curiosity killed the cat…satisfaction brought it back to life. revive me!:stuck_out_tongue:

Tymen one thing is for sure you have proven in the past that your trading is unconventional

I am willing to stroke your ego as much as needed for you to tell us about this amazing system.

well that was expected tymen … & here we are in this thread :wink:

:D:D:D Someone needs fans!

I’m in post it up tymen. I need something new to demo and add to my arsenel. I’m getting board with the toys I have now.

You got us all clinging to our seats here now, eagerly anticipating your next post :smiley:

I’ll get yet another mug of tea, and wait some more. This ought to be interesting! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see this strategy, definitely excited and curious. Do you personally use the strategy you are about to post Tymen?

Based on bare price action with not even any volume confirmations? At bare minimum I would imagine a volume indicator and some MA’s.

This sounds interesting! :cool:

I enjoyed your candlestick thread and hope you fininsh it. I’ve had good succuess with it. As a newbie, I’m learning the “fundamentals” part of FX as I think it is very important to understand what is behind everything (also the phys, and tech) to be successful in the long run. I think having a method and stratagy for the different market conditions is important so yes lets see this one and add it to our toolbox. Also it’s important to have fun along the way and it looks like that is what you are up to now!!! Thanks

I have been reading through your candlestick thread, and can tell you know your stuff, and I have come to hate indicators recently, and really think price action is where its at, so I am very interested in seeing this system.

You are being taken in guys. Knowing Tymens sense of humour he is going to come up with your brain, commonsense or some such other thing. Notice the fervent excitement building as people think the holy grail is about to be revealed

It’s quite obvious someone needs attention… :rolleyes:

I hope not. The idea of a Holy Grail can get anyone excited, myself included. But your probably right, probably going to be a psychology trick. :smiley: