Hey everyone lets interact and grow together as a family

Hey, I m Haleem, hailing from India. Since COVID ( 2019) I have started trading. It started with crypto and stocks. I came to know FOREX is the best solution to escape the rat race and seize my time and energy for myself, invest it in my long terms goals for the future. Yes, it is indeed highly risky, but what is life without risk right? I don’t believe in shortcuts just like VP says. I m not a pro trader but I aspire to be in the future. I have failed more times than I can count. Yet here I m. I believe if you don’t quit and keep trying then the whole of the universe will conspire to make you achieve that goal. I m looking for like-minded people to grow with, who I can count on for support, cause in my journey the whole time I v been alone. Yeah alone is good but I could use a Lil pat on the back from people I can count on. A family who will have my back in my low tides and with whom I can celebrate my joys with. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and being a part of the community. Cheers to everyone who decided to take the path that 1% of people dare to take.
Let’s grind together and grow as a family.


Welcome aboard this great education site. Perseverence is a key attribute to being successful. If you keep a journal, review your mistakes and do not repeat them, that will put you on the right path.

Best of luck.


Welcome! Be sure to complete Pipsology!


Hi Haleem! Love the optimism here, I hope to see you around on the forums from time to time. I’m sure you have wisdom to share with us. :grin:

Hope OP replies here lol otherwise… not sure about that interact as a family part :sweat_smile:


Families are made right . So lets put on the armor of hope and let the future come to us .

I wish to bring that positve energy everywhere I go . Sure you will see me here and there in the forum :innocent:

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I am taking steps in that direction as you said , but keeping a jounal seems hard than it seems when it is bout the trades you take . Share some pointers to boost the process .

On the path to complete it . How long have you been trading?

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Well done. I started to write a diary in April 2020 when I was in self isolation from covid. It’s now over 40k words of what has happened on my journey.

Firstly on demo account until I developed a profitable strategy and moved live on Jan 2021.

My journey included blowing a prop firm account to managing a $60 account for four months and becoming a consistent breakeven profitable trader.

My diary is recorded every day. It shows me winners and losers and what happened when I make mistakes.

Lack of emotional strength is also recorded.

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about two years or so. This site has helped me a lot!!! Use the search engine, and you will find TONS of information.

Lots of old threads filled with questions and answers.

Good day, Haleem. Hello and welcome to the forum. There are a lot of serious traders here. It’s a great place to learn how to trade and meet other like-minded traders.

The forex family is fantastic

Oh nice! So glad to see you reply!!! This is a relief!