Hey guys from Korea!

Hi guys.

Glad to be part of the group.

I am an Asian American(Korean American to ve specific), an engineer currently working in Korea.

Life has been tough for me past 5 years,
And despite of my passion in learning new things outside my profession, ie fx trading, I always missed the right time to join as I was getting kicked around my the life struggles…

I couldn’t push off any longer.
I was,scammed by a fx trader in the past a big time… because I was not knowledgeable… which led to a miserable career and a miserable marriage.
Now my spouse left me and I want to be a good fx trader to bring back two children and support them financially well.

I had no idea where to start. And bunch of research brought me here so I don’t have to rely on strangers with my hard earned money.

I hope to learn a bunch here!!!

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Hey dude,

Sri Lankan here and lived most of my life in the United Arab Emirates. Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I genuinely hope things work out for you.

Trading’s not easy though. Just like any other profession requires long hours of study and practice. But if you’re as passionate as you claim to be it won’t be work and you’ll have fun :slight_smile:

If you haven’t please try the free online course at babypips. It not only covers the basics for FX but trading in general and gives a great foundation to advance and develop how you want to going forward.

No question is stupid. Feel free to ask anything that stumps you in the forums. That’ll only help accelerate your learning curve.

kind regards, Dims