Hey guys ! im new here which i feel embarrassed about

hey guys my name is kian, i live in North Carolina . Im looking forward to start becoming apart of Forex , ive been researching and i hope one day ill become good as some of you . Im here because i was always interested about Forex trading for a year now i just never looked really tried it. Some people say this is a big good change in there lifes and i need that and i will chase it. thank you im very happy to learn about this.

welcome. best of lucck.

Welcome check out the education section

To be successful in forex trading, one needs to develop good analysis skills and a mindset of a winner. It takes time to get skilled. Give your time in learning and study. Best of luck.

Most people take up forex trading either for extra income, or if they have retired or have given up on their job and have some hope in forex trading that they could make a decent income out of that. It’s good to have people like you in our community who are enthusiastic about it and want to be successful in this field.

No need to be embarassed. We all start somewhere and the biggest step is indeed starting rather than just talking about it.

Welcome :blush:. I believe that you’ve already taken the 1st step by researching now quiz what you know and what you lack will be answered in education section best of luck :hugs:.

Hello, Kian. Welcome to this forum. You can get started with the learning courses at the School of Pipsology.