Hey guys kaosleeroy108

hey everyone a lot of reading and nonsense but it’s important, so, I completed the crypto school and all that reading, and it doesn’t give you a master’s or final certificate…why???

names kaosleeroy, learn and stack name of the game!!!

Why are you more concerned about an online certificate opposed to making real money?


Welcome Kaosleeroy, and congrats on completing the Crypto school! In this journey, continuous learning and trading experience are your best companions. Plus, the trading courses here are free! So, be thankful for the knowledge at your fingertips without spending a dime.

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Welcome kaosleeroy! Are you into crypto only or learning forex too?

thanks i get that ,Honestly as a market personal progress alone the proofs in the pudding when you’re making money right so I guess all the money I’m making on crypto I’m proving the lessons that I’ve learned every single day.

crypto mostly i also do stocks

I see! How’s your trading been during the BTC all-time high?

Agree and good for you! Again, congratulations on your progress!