Hey i know i am new to learning this, but i have been wondering

there’s a need for buying thing in the end of the year, (in my country, usually your job gives you an extra salary at the end of the year) does this need to buy things at the end of the year affect the forex and crypto market? and how?

Bonus question, how will you preceed on final’s year market?, Wll you change your strategy a little or will you maintain it?

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I’m holding all my positions. As far as macro economics, I don’t know.

However, all it would take is looking at old charts and seeing what happens during the last few months of each year.

I am using EA’s in trading and back testing it very strictly, so I don’t change anything.

Hello and welcome, as a newbie you need to remember some things. When I was new no one told me this. Make yourself skilled before investing big amount. While trading on demo make a good habits. By good habits I mean open trade only on high probability set up. Do not trade all day night. Do not open too many trades at a time. Open one trade at a time. If you make bad habits now later it would be very difficult to change.

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When you look at a forex D1 chart for any pair, and cover up the date markings, it is impossible to tell which month is which.

It cannot be done on a weekly or monthly chart either.

I know we hear a lot about exiting long-term positions near Christmas and at the beginning of summer and other seasons, but its hard to find any chart evidence to back these things up. Yes, OK, spreads get wider around US holidays, but we get that every weekend and it doesn’t cause panic decisions then either.

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As long as your strategy is profitable, you can try as much as you want. If not, you can adjust or change for more profit.