Hey I'm Ibbster and I need money

Hi! I’m Ibbster, and I foolishly chose to have children and do nothing else for myself and have finally reached a tipping point. Having several children with no way to support them if your spouse disappears (divorce/death) is ghetto as hell, and I refuse to live this way any longer.

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I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but FX trading is not the holy grail, and with your current mindset, it’s not suitable for you because you WILL lose money as do over 90% of newbies.

Forget social media promotion hype - it’s fantasy land. Your children are more important, always.

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This isn’t a quick way to make money it takes a lot of time to understand it

I decided to start trading for kinda the same reason. Had 3 kids, my husband has a good job but I’d still say we’re lower middle class. Living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t cutting it. You can do it, just be sure that you know what you’re in for. Good luck!