Hey I'm New here

hello my name is Melvin, I’m from Nigeria, i chose this platform because i really want to get a deep understanding of forex, my whole life i’ve never actually done anything meaningful or productive and so I’ve discovered forex trading as a way for me to become self sufficient and not dependent on anyone (financial freedom lol) I hope to try to learn a lot from this.
Thanks :heart:


welcome here my brother, my name is Lucas and I trade for like 7 years
however recently I found this forum and it really helps me a lot to discuss with each other

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honestly, i really hope to learn a lot from this platform fingers crossed

Helloooo @Melvin101! :blush: Welcome! :smiley: Aww. I hope you get to achieve your goal! Financial freedom is really what we want in the end. :blush: Are you reading the school here? :slight_smile: Good luuuck!

Welcome Melvin. Try starting here. It includes the babypips course plus other reading material. It’s a good time to learn a new skill!

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Hello Melvin. Welcome to BabyPips. Start with the school here then open a demo account so you can practice what you have learned.