Hey noob daytrader Derek is my name and I am struggling with

Nice to meet you people. My name is Derek and I am 29 Years old.
I got some surface experience in stock investing. Nothing that is connected with the charts though.

Now I am here to learn more about the trading game. As I have time, the will to learn a new life skill and I am eager to make some good profits with you guys.

One question, I am starting to build a Strategy that I am testing in a sideways trend in combination with the stochastic slow algorithm on a short timeframe (5 minutes).
I won about 80% of the time. Small wins of 10$ each but hey. (1% of volume)
The problem is that I am bit scared to get overconfident. As I think that this approach is not taking enough indicators into consideration.

Any good advise from some veterans?
I love to learn but I also love to do at the same time :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: my advice? leave 5 min time frame before lost everything, unless it’s a demo account :slightly_smiling_face: Regards Greg

Nicd thanks for the advice mate. I will try another time frame like an hour :slight_smile: