Hey there! I'm Ude. Let me tell you about myself

Hi. My name is Ude Okoro. I’m African and from Nigeria. I schooled at the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics [Bsc. (Hons) Economics].

I’m currently 25 years old and I live in Lagos. I became a freelancer before I left the University doing graphics design for organizations and social media handling then soon after I got introduced to the world of “investing” sort of.

It didn’t take long for me to get more interested in the world of finance and Forex. I started putting my money into FX companies and made some good profit after a year but I wondered how they did it. I wanted to know how to trade on my own because the benefits of being a passive investor was nothing close to the benefits of being an active investor. I wanted to take my own risks and make my own profit.

Taking care of my family is my no. 1 priority so I venture into multiple things to do that. I’m a graphics designer among other things, I currently work at a Chinese institute and I still invest in companies for monthly profits regardless of the risks.

With the current economic meltdown of my country Nigeria, I’m just a guy trying to stay out of poverty. I’m nice and I try to be funny some times. I’m really eager to learn new things and I hate giving up. :grin:

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Welcome bro, you are at the right place, wishing you the best in your new adventure

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Thank you :smile:

Hi Ude! That’s an impressive background, especially for someone that’s faced with obstacles like poverty - but you sound like a real go getter! I know a lot of people lose money trading, but you seem to be well-educated so I bet you’ll excel at it. I’m wishing you luck thorough the rest of your journey!