Hey there

Hi BP forum,

My name is Mike and I’ve been lurking around for a couple years. Haven’t dipped my toes into live trading yet but have been reading blogs mainly on price action and 1D charting for the past few years. I have a background in psychology and comp sci. Hope to learn more and make a few friends. I live in Northern Utah.



Welcome to this forum Treynon!I hope to share and gather ideas with you here.Enjoy your stay.

Hi Mike,

You’ll find an ocean of psychology in the FX market. Since it is your expertise you’ll have profound knowledge on how
to control emotions,which is key in trading. The rest is pretty much mainstream.

I wish you success in trading.


Hello mike nice to have you around,its great knowing you have a pschology background which we all know that we need to control our emotions with regards to forex trading if we want to succeed.See you around.

Hi Mike and Glad to see you joining.

Thanks everyone and to gerski I hope all is well in the Philippines. Stay safe.


Welcome on board mike.
Happy posting
Lets widen our knowledge here