Hey there! :>

I like to be known as my username online, hope that’s cool. I’m currently reading and watching through the babypips school here, and I am amused. I’ve been trying to find my way to earn money from home for a while now, since I’ve been disabled. I was an auto technician for a few years (I’m young), but I can’t do it any more. Whether I go for a full-time effort in to Forex or not, this education on babypips seems to be quite valuable, so I plan to learn all I can.
I enjoy old-school rpg games and fantasy novels in my spare time.
Favorite music artists- Xandria, Nightwish, Serenia, Kamelot, Delain, Lacuna Coil, Omega Lithium, Linkin Park
I’m very friendly online, so if you’d like to be friends, just message me or something and I’ll offer one of my IM accounts. See you around :>

Hi there
I’m very very very new to this babypips and I have a same mindset like you wanna to earn money from home and am currently unemployed.
Hope we can exchange some knowledge from each other, if you don’t mind.:10: