Hey y'all, good morning!

Hi, my name is Isayah, new FX Trader here! Learned about this place from a friend and he told me that it was the best way to learn how to become a good, efficient trader! My goals? I just want to get my life back on track, and learn how to manage my finances while building a legacy for my future!

Hi there you at the right place ,you get a good general education regarding trading Forex and quizzes to test your knowledge and progress.the format of the website is excellent too , people happy to answer your queries.Eventually you open a demo account to practice what you learnt .It might take months or years until you find a method and mindset for success it dosent happen “overnight”

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Good to know, thank you very much!:blush:

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HI! Good morning!

Is your friend a profitable trader? If not, find one and learn that system. I advice ICT.