Heyy all....i am a newbie

Hello everyone,
I’m Sharad. I just found out about this platform today and immediately joined. I’ve always wondered if I could make money from forex and have searched the web for information, but I still have doubts. I hope this is the right place for me to clear up my confusion.

I have big dreams and I hope to achieve them all someday. Wishing you all a great time.

Thank you, Sharad."

The answer is yes, you could make money from FX trading, however you could also lose money. There is no short cut in learning how to protect your capital. This could take many months, if not years, to become consistently successful.

Practice first on a regulated broker’s demo account from what you will learn from this great education site. Perseverance is a key criteria.

Best of luck.

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hi and welcome , this community is very friendly , i hope you will enjoy the environment with great level of learning something new.

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you got the right place no doubt , this community is made for the beginners who are particularly beginners , enjoy your stay.

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have a very good journey , wish you a good luck , but one request please never skip the learning approach , this is a worst thing that new forex trader always do.

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Thank you sooo much

Thank youu

Thank you soo much

Ya sure. Thank u soo much

enjoy your stay , hope this education forum will benefitted you . good luck , happy trading

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Thank you so much